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▪ Individual Treatment Planning
▪ Individual & Group Counseling
▪ Substance Abuse Education
▪ Family Education and Counseling
▪ Transitional & Sober Living
▪ Job-search Assistance
▪ Vocational Planning
▪ Community Referrals

An individualized treatment plan is developed for each client based on information obtained during an in-depth assessment. Specific treatment goals are determined to help each client address issues that have contributed to his or her continued substance abuse. Daily living skills such as personal hygiene, grocery shopping, nutritional menu planning, budgeting and organizational skills are also included in the treatment plan.

NHI introduces its clients to the 12-step programs of AA, NA and CA to help clients establish a foundation to sustain long term sobriety upon completion of the program.
Services are available to men, women and men/women with children. Treatment episodes are 90 days in duration.

About Children

NHI has a unique capacity to provide services for men/women with children. The children accompany the parents while in treatment. Many of the children have special needs as a result of exposure to the dysfunctional lifestyle of their substance-abusing parents. The majority have been abused and/or neglected, and the remainder are ďat riskĒ of the same. The turmoil and chaos these children have witnessed in their short lives will continue to have a negative impact on their lives if they do not get the help that they need. These children are in need of developmental assessments, counseling, and individualized therapy. In response NHI is in the process of expanding services to include a therapeutic childcare center for these children. Structured activities will be scheduled for the children. In addition, the therapeutic childcare center will employ a team of highly skilled professionals to help the children overcome the sometimes debilitating effects their parentís substance abuse has had on their lives. The focus of the program overall is to substantially improve the family structure and break the intergenera-tional cycle of addiction and dysfunction.

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